Corporate Identity

The Clean-Air Logo has a Canary holding a Green Leaf. This is the symbol of our business and is proudly carried on all our vehicles and staff uniforms. It also has great meaning which serves to remind us all of our responsibilities.

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The Canary was used in Coal mines where ventilation was poor or non-existent. Canaries were used for detecting the build-up of dangerous gases as they are sensitive to methane and carbon monoxide. A singing Canary meant that all was well in the mine. A silent or deceased Canary meant danger and miners would evacuate immediately.

Today, we all have much improved work environments but there are still hidden dangers in our ventilation and air conditioning systems. It is our passion to make these systems clean and safe for all of our clients. We have developed specialised skills, tools and materials to be able to investigate, treat and remediate your system.

The Canary carries a Green Leaf as a symbol our commitment to "Encouraging Sustainability". We strive to carry out our services using tools and materials which have minimal environmental impact and are sustainable for future generations.

The deeds of the Canary has passed into history but the symbol still serves as a constant reminder to our Management and Staff of the responsibility that we have undertaken to provide our Clients with a clean safe indoor environment.