Welcome to Clean Air Australia

Clean Air is Queensland’s primary HVAC air conditioning cleaning specialist providing services and knowledge for a broad array of industries in Queensland and Northern NSW since 1991. Our teams are fully mobile so there is nowhere that we cannot service.

We have vastly experienced sales and field staff who can advise the best way to proceed with any HVAC Hygiene, IAQ or facility cleaning issue. We have also adapted the skills and techniques to provide services in other areas including mould remediation, building remediation and industrial cleaning. Workplace health and safety management and training is proactive and a primary cultural motivator throughout the company.

We carry a $20 Million Public Liability Insurance and all of our employees carry ID, PPE and are uniformed.

We are HVAC Hygiene Specialists

HVAC means heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Most systems are serviced by mechanical service companies. These services only concentrate on keeping the equipment operating, moving air and controlling the temperature.

HVAC Hygiene is the inspection, maintenance and restoration of the system that includes the cleaning of dust, debris and biological matter that builds up in the system. The HVAC system passes the air that we breathe through these occupied spaces. Over time the system can be affected by corrosion, deterioration of protective surfaces, insulation and other internal components. This may entail replacement or remediation of internal components.

Clean Air can perform HVAC Hygiene restoration on all the various components of the HVAC system.

Built Environments That We Enhance